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Many individuals believe that hypnosis is just another gimmick used by entertainers as part of their stage show and often perceive it as being similar to a magicians bag of tricks. Changing those perceptions will never an easy thing to achieve. Therefore, the benefits which could be gained from using the ultimate conversational hypnosis are lost to many.

To begin changing perceptions, it will be necessary to explain that hypnosis has a more serious and beneficial use. The medical profession frequently used it as a tool that can help assist patient recovery from physical or mental illnesses. The patient remains fully conscious of what is going on around them, but becomes so relaxed listening to soothing music or focuses only on the therapists voice to the exclusion of all other distractions.

Once this relaxed state is reached, the therapist uses language which the subconscious mind will come to recognize and react to in a beneficial way. The patient remains fully aware of what is being said but it is the response of the subconscious mind to the positive and healing statements that prove to be the most beneficial.

Repeating this mix of relaxation and hypnosis on a regular basis is utilized within the medical profession for groups and individual therapy. It has proved to be invaluable in helping to overcome fears and phobias, weight loss, smoking cessation and learning to control panic attacks. To a degree the patient learns to induce self-hypnosis to use whenever the need arises.

One other major medical use which has been identified in recent years is the hypnosis of patients to undergo surgery which removes the need to use anaesthetics. It is not widely used, but reports state that it has been successful. Conversational hypnosis is used to put the subject into such a deep state of relaxation that the body does not feel any pain. But many remain sceptical of these claims.

Using language to hypnotize or persuade the subconscious mind to respond in a certain way is not unusual. Advertising companies constantly use visual aids and language to hypnotize its audience by repeatedly telling the subconscious mind that a product will be good for them and they should go out and buy it. Often we are not aware that our subconscious mind is reacting to this stimulus.

Politicians and salesmen also use this subtle method to illicit our support or purchase of an item. A MP who fails to communicate appropriately with the voters is unlikely to receive their votes, even when they support his or her views. Just as a poor salesman trying to sell a good product will be unsuccessful in making a sale because they are unable to connect with the buyers unconscious mind.

The ultimate conversational hypnosis is a powerful tool when it is understood and applied skilfully, but it can also be open to misuse and can have dangerous consequences when used carelessly. It is a true saying that if someone is told they are useless or fat and ugly often enough; they will start to believe it. Unfortunately, this type of abuse is often seen in failing relationships.

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What Is The Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis

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This article was published on 2010/10/16